New! SeaRazzor Twin
Part #AST-307
U.S. Navy & Coast Guard Approved

SeaRazzor AST-307

The SeaRazor Twin AST 307 is designed to be a fast and efficient underwater cleaning system, with a cleaning path of 42 inches (1066 mm). It's specifically designed to clean the heaviest marine growth on large VLCC ships to the smallest freighter, floating drydocks, and any underwater structure.

Only 15 GPM (56.76 LPM)
at 2500 PSI (17241 kPa)

It's specifically designed to clean the heaviest marine growth on large VLCC ships to the smallest freighter, floating drydocks, and any underwater structure. The SeaRazor Twin reaches forward speeds of 196 feet (60 meters) per minute depending on the degree of fouling. The Twin is capable of effectively cleaning 41,160 square feet (3,800 square meters) per hour theoretical. The Twin's major advantage over other systems is its use of 2 rebuildable aluminum brushes. This means higher profits because the operator only purchases brush bristle material in bulk. Two rebuildable aluminum brushes are included with the AST-307 with brush holder pedestal. The brushes can be reloaded in less than 30 minutes on the job site with appropriate bristle material to meet every changing fouling condition. This means less downtime, less inventory, and higher profits. The unit's brush speed which is diver-controlled ranges from 0 to 300 RPM, minimizes paint damage even on the most sensitive ablative paints. Unlike other models that are dependent upon brush suction to adhere to the hull of the ship, the AST-307 uses a HYDRO IMPELLER SHROUD mounted on the backside of the unit facing away from the hull for maximum thrust and diver safety. This allows the unit to adhere to the side of the ship and move to other areas with the brushes turned off virtually eliminating paint damage. Inferior designs use a propeller mounted in a center hole which enables the unit to adhere to the side of the ship, but pulls all dislodged heavy barnacle and shell through the propeller which can cause propeller failure, hydraulic motor damage, and oil leaks. Even diver safety is a concern with lowered visibility from the debris.

  • Specifications:
    Removes barnacle growth up to 4 inches (101.6 mm) thick
    Required Hydraulic power 15 GPM (56.78 liters per minute) Max.
    Pressure rating 2500 PSI (17241 kPa)
    Cleans a strip 42 inches (1066 mm) wide
  • 2 Rebuildable aluminum brushes are anodized for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Tool is constructed with stainless steel and corrosion resistant marine aluminum
  • Estimated shipping weight: 325 lbs. (147 kg)
  • Brush Bristles Sold In Bulk: (sold separately)
    50 lb. bundle (makes seven brushes with 8" to 9" trim per brush)
    1. Galva Steel Rope (AST-307SSR)
    2. Nylon (AST-307N)
    3. Nylo Grit (AST-NG)
  • US Navy and Coast Guard approved
  • Approved for all Navies worldwide
  • Approved by all shipping societies
  • Approved for use at oil tanker terminals
  • Designed for a one diver operation and minimum support equipment and personnel
  • Manual diver operated steering.
  • Dive wheels mount directly to hydraulic motor shaft for maximum power transfer
  • Impeller is mounted directly to hydraulic motor shaft for safety and reliability
  • Diver controlled brush speed
  • All hydraulic motors are coated for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Brush holder pedestal
  • Both cleaning brushes are mounted directly on hydraulic motor shafts for maximum torque
  • Capable of cleaning against tidal forces of up to 3 knots
  • Speed control allows the diver to adjust brush speed for the most demanding commercial cleaning jobs.
  • Brushes turn in counter rotation neutralizing torque
  • Brushes clean by using the sides of the brush bristles in a gentle sweeping action
  • Wheels have true track tread for maximum traction on slick surfaces
  • Optional: 2 rebuildable spare brushes

The AST-307 is powered by AS-25LPD Diesel Power Pack (sold seperately)

Prices & Specifications Subject to change without notice. Current production model may be different in appearance.